This unicorn-based operating system is a fast, secure way to run Linux apps.

Want to secure your server against cyber attack once and for all? Then look at this new operating system from the Nano operating system. It uses unicornals to make software run faster and safer than Linux. And it can be deployed at public cloud providers, private data centers and other locations. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this exciting operating system.

Protect your information for cloud infrastructure and programs running faster with this operating system. NanoVMs Unicorn-based operating system takes minimal resources and space yet improves speed, computer security, and cloud-based security. Because, while the server operating system has remained the same for 50 years, the methods we have ensured have changed. As we keep more information online, there is greater risk of data from cyber threats. This is particularly problematic for companies that face costly penalties and lose customer confidence due to security breaches. This operating system is expected to change for cloud infrastructure.

NanoVMs Unicorn-based operating system is the answer to the problem of older server operating systems. Today’s servers allow multiple users to access data simultaneously. This creates costly problems for companies, as there are plenty of opportunities for cyber attacks and data breaches. According to the creators of this new operating system, current operating systems are not designed for these types of attacks. But NanoVMs Unicorn-based operating system can run a program as an OS. Let’s take a look at this new technology.

How can Unicorns help?

NanoVMs is a Unicorn-based operating system based on unikernels, or single-process machine images. They run single programs as OS. Unlike Windows or Linux OSs, unikernels prevent many programs from running at once, which prevents attackers from running your software on your server. This is a good defense mechanism, especially since a security breach can be so costly and cause so much damage. The company cites Facebook’s potential $ 1.63 billion data breach in Europe and the Google+ shutdown after the bug’s data exposed 500,000 users for nearly three years.[1]

Why choose this operating system for cloud infrastructure? With NanoVMs Unikburn-based operating system, you basically exclude hackers from your organization. Unlike the current operating system, this one is designed with hackers in mind. So it does not scan your computer for hacked systems, but it also removes opportunities for hackers to hijack your system in the first place. This new operating system is faster because it does not have a lot of space. And, since it is so easy to use, it lets you spend more time building and running your apps, not battling your server.

Unikernels secures both containers and Linux programs

Currently, cyberspace support focuses on other operating systems instead of Linux. However, the NanoVMs Unikburn-based operating system addresses both containers and Linux security issues. For example, NanoS is only one-tenth of the attack service on Linux, compared to Linux. It is fast and secure with less code, libraries and executables. With this system, there are no users or multiple processes. This gives the new operating system a major boost in security and performance. This is the software you want in your ideal work setup.

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