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About Pizza Hut

Pizza hut is the oldest chain of restaurants that was first opened in Wichita, Kansas. With a heart-warming service and the best quality of pizzas, Pizza Hut has become one of the largest food chains in the world with 18,703 restaurants worldwide. In July 1996, India welcomed its first Pizza Hut restaurant in Bangalore and became the first international chain to pioneer this segment. With over 55 years of experience, Pizza Hut has won millions of hearts across the globe for its mastery over Freshly baked uncompromising Finger-licking Pizzas.

Pizza Hut Offerings: Why You Will Love Ordering from Pizza Hut

Decades of Trust

Pizza Hut has been a popular and trusted food chain for decades now. It has built a powerful relationship with its customers by offering the best quality Pizza and Italian Dishes globally. People today choose Pizza Hut over any other brand because of their developed taste for its delicious pizzas and their fantastic dining experience over the years.

Amazing variety of Pizzas to Satiate Your Pizza Greed!

With the fantastic variety of Pizzas like the cheesy Margherita to their Chicken Pepperoni Pizza, they have instilled our taste buds with the mesmerizing taste of their pizzas. Along with pizzas, you can also order sides like garlic bread, Potato wedges, Pasta and amazing ice creams and cake from their dessert menu.

Daily and Weekly Pizza Hut Offers

Whether it is a thin crust or a Cheese Burst Pizza, whether it is for a Saturday Party Night or a Wednesday Pizza date, Pizza Hut delivers it all fast with amazing discounts. From a cart full of Pizza Hut offers and deals, you can find exclusive discounts for every day of the week. To make its customers satisfied, Pizza hut keeps innovating its offers weekly.