Spin Floor Cleaning Magic Mop Pvc Bucket

Micro fiber refill with super absorbent capacity 360 degree rotating mop for easy and better cleaning. Super spin system that rapidly refills. Best Quality Easy Floor Cleaning Magic Bucket Mop. Super light weight 100 percent microfiber mop and rotates 360 degree mop + microfiber: Simple and easy design, wash and dewatering without power supply. Spin washes without cleaning dirty hands. The Affixed Plastic Spin Dry Basket Mop gives the option to control moisture. The 360-degree rotating mop plate reaches anywhere. Unique cotton fiber mop head achieves perfect cleaning result in te box: -1 bucket, 1 stainless steel pole (in 2 parts), 1 plastic round head, 2 micro fiber mop head. No spills, no shock and no floor damage. Keeps the user’s hand completely clean, does not consume extra power.

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