Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10’s 45W Fast Charger has been reported on the Certification site

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45W Fast Charger of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has reportedly been seen on the certification seat

45W Fast Charger of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has reportedly been seen on the certification seat

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is to be launched in the coming months, and the smartphone has been taped to support 45W Fast Charging. This is incredible charging speed, and to support this rumor, a new charging adapter photo has leaked in South Korea. This adapter was seen passing through the necessary security certificates in this area, which indicates its impending arrival. The adapter has a fast charging logo at the top, and it looks quite thick and big. The technical specifications of the adapter are not known, but its model number gives us some indication. has been spotted by a Samsung Adaptor while passing through the Safetcorea certification. The adapter carries the Model Number EP-TA845 and the photo shows a dark colored adapter with a color-fast fast loading ‘sign. The actual specifications of the adapter are not unfortunately shown in the photo. To remember, the Galaxy A7, 27,450 and Galaxy A80 come with an EP-TA800 charger that supports 25W Fast Charging. This indicates that EP-TA845 may be a more advanced model, potentially 45W rumored to be fast charging.

Recently, a leak suggested that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 45W could be able to sport fast charging, and this EP-TA845 can be only one that can be bundled with the upcoming flagship. Of course, nothing is certain, and it is purely our speculation, so take things lightly. Hopefully, this adapter should have more information in the coming weeks.

For Samsung Galaxy Note 10, it is said to come in two variants – a low-end model and a high-end model. The low end variant is expected to sport a battery of 3,400mAh, which is less than the Galaxy Note 9 coming with 4,000mAh battery. There is a possibility to use capacitive or pressure-sensitive areas instead of physical buttons for power and volume in the Galaxy Note 10 series. It is also placed for a quad-rear camera and a hole-punch display.

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