Robots work in the woods, which seem very boring to humans

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To track Pulp Cook till the end and keeping track of long legal documents, from tracking parasitic insects on satellite photos, Swedish forest companies are creating new jobs, which they will never ask to do with anybody.

Packaging manufacturer BillerudKorsnas is an early adopter of artificial intelligence using techniques to analyze thousands of diagrams, to determine how long it needs to cook their wood chips before turning them into pulp. Although this process can be done manually, but it says that it would be difficult to find any human who would be ready to spend the whole day looking at such charts all day.

“A machine can review large data volumes and find ways we humans find very boring,” said Ole Stephen, director of Intellectual Property Management. “Hardly anyone will be able to analyze the monitoring process or diagrams like work. Our employees require other things.”

Using AI for such worldly activities can reward a lot. Joakim Pahalwan, the biggest beneficiary of developing an AI solution in Consultancy firm Sogetti, includes automation as well as reducing the time-consuming machines used in the manufacturing process, which are considered useless for maintenance. He said that companies can use AI to help improve the manufacturing process, as they are doing, BillurDkornas said, he said.

Sweden’s forest companies are the latest example of the industry to adopt artificial intelligence to cut and take advantage of costs. The country’s bank robots are developing customer advice and services such as Chatbot and fashion giant Haynes and Mauritz AI and are using large data and to pursue trends and optimize their logistics series. However, the forest industry is still lagging behind in retail and manufacturing using AI, yet conventional process is the strongest drive to automate among companies, Wahlqvist said.

Sogetti has developed algorithms in collaboration with Sweden’s largest forest owner Swascoge, who teaches himself to find signs of spruce bark beetle attacks on satellite pictures of forests. With the threat of destroying wood worth SEK 6 billion ($ 622 million) in worst conditions in Sweden this year, AI can become one of the most efficient defense against bugs.

“You can get the same knowledge, put on a pair of boots and go to the jungle to check yourself, but AI helps you achieve it in large quantities without the cost of manual labor,” the wrestler he said.

One of the largest paper and packaging manufacturers in Europe, Stora Innoso has found another application for AI while showing mercy to her legal department. It is trying to teach an algorithm to identify the huge amount of contracts in the risk, which will free the lawyers’ time. It has already concluded that AI results have been compared with the assessment of lawyers and mullahs working with a new project. It is using AI to analyze the pulp in a Finnish mill.

There has been a recent development with both cheap computer-processing power and more advanced sensors, according to Stefaner in Billrud Correnas, the technology is now more accessible to the forest industry. The company is pursuing efforts with a two-year long program, which will look at all its processes and evaluate where they can be made more efficient by using robots.

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