Original content podcast: Director Grant Sputter explains how ‘I’m Mother’ attracts the real-world robot

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Original content podcast Director Grant Sputter explains how 'I'm Mother' attracts the real-world robot

Original content podcast Director Grant Sputter explains how 'I'm Mother' attracts the real-world robot

When I first saw the new Netflix Original movie “I’m Mother”, then I assumed that Robot Mother (voice by Rose Byron) was CG Creation. How can you make another robot that seemed so inhuman, and that could also walk so gracefully around the epochalic atmosphere after the movie?

But in a bonus interview for the original content podcast, director Grant Sputter estimated that 99 percent of the mother’s shots are completely practical, with nothing more than a person wearing “fancy bit of costume”.

“It’s a budgetary thing, because we knew how we were planning to make a film – but at the same time, we are children of 80s and 90s of cinema,” Sputter said. “Then we worship on the altar of ‘Robocop’ and ‘Predator’ and the first ‘Terminator’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ and all the works of Stan Winston, most of those films … this is for our own satisfaction. , Anything as much. “

This film focuses on the relationship between mother and her adoptive human daughter (Clara Rugard), which is completely isolated from the outside world – as long as the coming of a mysterious stranger played by Hillary Swank, Everything does not motivate him to ask, which he has been told.

When I asked how Sputor want to separate “I’m Mother” from all the previous films about robots, he said that you are very few:

Whatever movies you think are about robots, they are largely about Android. For example, like the ‘ner blade runner’, there is an important contribution to the science fi style and many would say that it is about robots, but in reality it is about Android. That sounds like semantically, but it’s important [from] two different perspectives, one: focus on the question of Android movies, are there emotions in Android? Do you dream of Android electric sheep? Are they like us? Where do you draw the line between robots and humans? I think this question has been … and our film is not at all about that.

Apart from this, of course, Android movies are usually cheap to make, because you can just use a human actor.

Sputter said that he was less interested in the division between humans and Android, and there were more in relationships between humans and robots.

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