iPhone 12 Series Launches New Purple Color, UWB Tech with Airtag Trackers

iPhone 12 Series Gets New Purple Colour,

Apple on Tuesday announced new purple color variants for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini at its Spring Loaded event.Pre-orders will be extended starting this week The new color has “elements of sophistication and vibrancy” according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Purple color mixing will be included in the already available black, blue, green, red and white colors. It was also announced at the Spring Loaded event that there are much-awaited airtag trackers, intended to help you find anything that they might be connected to using the Find My app.

iPhone 12 Series Gets New Purple Colour,

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini Purple Variants, AirTags Price and Availability
The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini will soon be made available in a new purple color, which will be on pre-order in 30 countries starting on Friday 23 September, and sale from 30 April. It was not immediately clear whether India was part of the first wave of launching countries. Purple colors include black, blue, green, red and white, as described earlier. Pricing for the iPhone 12 Purple variants starts at Rs. Rs. 69,900 for 79,900 I Phone 12 Mini – Similar to pricing for other colors.

3,190 for the price of the airtag and Rs 10,900 for the four pack. There are also items from the Hermes version that can be carried in the airtag. The airtag will go on sale from 30 April. In the US, Airtag costs $ 29 (about Rs 2,200) and $ 99 (about Rs 7,500). ) For a 4-pack, and will go for pre-order from 5am PDT (5:30 pm IST) on 23 April.

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