Google Chrome 10 Ways You Will Use the Internet

Google has released a major update for the Chrome Internet browser – Chrome 90. The new update provides a better video conferencing experience, reduces data consumption and also makes it easier to perform multiple tasks. Another important development is FLoC– Google’s new way of tracking users and showing ads but the feature is still under trial and has not yet been widely rolled out. Here are 10 ways how Google is changing the Internet browser experience with the new Chrome 90 update.

Google Chrome 90 Improves Video Meetings and Mobile Hotspot Will Work Better with Internet

Google Chrome 90 comes with new codecs that provide better compression that improves video call quality and also consumes less data. You can expect to make good quality video calls in low bandwidth (less than 30kbps). Therefore, even if you use your mobile hotspot to connect your laptop to the Internet, you can expect to make better video calls. In addition, screen sharing will be smooth with the AV1 encoder optimized for the video calling platform with Web1TC.

Google Chrome 10 Ways You Will Use the Internet
Google Chrome 10 Ways You Will Use the Internet

Google Chrome 90 ensures secure Internet browsing with HTTPS by default
The HTTPS protocol is safer and more efficient. Therefore, whatever website you open on Chrome 90, Google will open the HTTPS version of the first website by default. When you open a website for the first time, Chrome 90 will automatically generate the HTTPS version. Previously, Google first processed a less-secure HTTP version and then forwarded the request to HTTPS. This allows the website to load faster and also helps people avoid less secure HTTP websites.

Google Chrome 90 will provide a better AR experience and gaming
There is a new WebXR depth sensing API that helps to better measure the distance between you and the device on which Chrome is running. This will provide more accurate experience in AR and also improve gaming. For example, when you search for animals on Chrome, Google AR provides live 3D animation of the animal to provide the experience. You can expect these AR animations to be more accurate.

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