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The right headphones are indeed a life saver. From personalizing entertainment to turning calls into hands-free experiences, modern headphones can do almost anything. And thanks to technological advances and falling prices, the best headphones are finally within reach. So, here is the final list of the top 5 headphones that you can buy for just Rs. Can Buy For Less Than 5,000 on Amazon. Depending on the specs and your choice, the exact price will naturally vary, but when it comes to their original work, no one will be disappointed by it. That is to play quality audio.

Worn Headphones with BOAT BASS HEADS 900 MIC
This is the cheapest product on this list that comes with all the basic features that you need from a good headphone. boAt promises a super extra bass, meaning your audio is tipped to pack a punch, and sensitivity is around 101dB, which enables the device to faint with a musical twist. It is an on-ear type of headphone as it will sit perfectly on your ear without covering it. There is an in-line microphone, which is necessary for those phone calls.

This Sony headphone offers 1000mW maximum power input, 24-ohm impedance, which means it can take audio from any media and play it without the need for an amplifier. On top of that, it is quite light. One drawback is that it does not have a microphone. However, Sony’s brand price and 1-year warranty make it one of the best considering Amazon.

F&D STEREO HW111 Viral Bluetooth Headphones
Time to go wireless! Of all the Bluetooth headphones available out there, this product from F&D is probably the most affordable option. Despite its bulky appearance, the headphones are quite lightweight and come with a microphone, which gives you hands-free calling. The headphones provide 16-ohm impedance for a better bass experience, and the design allows it to sit tightly over your ear. It is available in black color.

AKG PRO Audio K92 Closed-Back Head
The AKG Pro Audio K92 closed back headphones feature a unique design and style. AKG headphones have powerful specs at an affordable rate and the construction of the headphones makes it literally noise-isolating. Along with the over-ear structure, it also comes with an adjustable headband that ensures the headphones are comfortable to wear. And all these do not add any unnecessary weight. It is light and easy.

Philips SHB7250WT / 00 Wireless Blue Heads
This Philips headphone checks all the correct boxes. Headphones are lighter at only 209 grams. Nevertheless the sound quality through the 40mm speaker drivers is good. Ear shells are adjustable and it can pair with almost any device. Philips claims that these headphones can work with both Google Assistant and Siri. Obviously, in terms of features, it is the best of many. Perfect for music lovers who are always on the move.

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