Firefox users urged to update their browser against zero-day faults

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Firefox users urged to update their browser against zero-day faults

Firefox users urged to update their browser against zero-day faults

Hackers are allegedly exploiting zero-day faults in Mozilla’s Firefox web browser.

Firefox Web Browser creator Mozilla has released an emergency patches to combat a zero-day malfunction in the browser, which is actively being exploited in the wild.

According to Mozilla, vulnerability can lead to browser’s “exploitative crash”. “We are aware of targeted attacks in wild defects,” Mozilla warned.

According to StatCounter, Firefox is currently approximately 5pc of the world’s browser market share.

Targeted crypto attacks

The bug was spotted by members of Google’s Project Zero Security Research Division Samuel Grew and the Coinbase Security team, thereby speculating that the attacks were targeting the cryptokici owners.

On Twitter, Gru said about Mozilla’s updates, “I have no insight on the part of the active exploitation.”

Gru, who said that for the first time on April 15, he reported the bug, said: “Bugs can be used for RCE, but after this a separate sandbox escape will be required. However, it is most likely that it can also be used for UXSS, which can be sufficient depending on the target of the attacker. “

A significant improvement was made yesterday (June 18th) and the Firefox Version 67.0.3 and Firefox ESR 60.7.1 are the latest recommended browser versions.

How to update Firefox

This is the best practice to keep your browser up to date against any known security threats.

For Mac users, just open Firefox, click ‘Firefox’ in the menu bar and then click on ‘About Firefox’. The resulting notification window will give you information on which version of Firefox you are running and will include a button that says ‘Restart to update Firefox’ if necessary.

For Windows users, open Firefox and click on the menu icon. Click on ‘Help’ and then ‘About Firefox’. Once again, a notification window will display the current Firefox version and it will include a button to ‘check for updates’. After a check starts, the button will allow you to update the version, then apply the update ‘. This will provide more information about the update and allow users to progress with downloading and installing it.

If Firefox is up-to-date, you will know that the browser is up-to-date by following the steps above to search for browser information.

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