Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp service online after worldwide outage

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Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp service online after worldwide outage

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp service online after worldwide outage

Facebook said it was “back at 100 percent” on Wednesday evening after the outage on all its services affecting users in different parts of the world.

The online monitoring service downdetter first reported that around 1200 GMT was started and influenced its Instagram and WhatsApp services along with Facebook.

The company tweeted 6006 GMT Thursday, “The problem is sorry for any inconvenience.”

A Facebook spokesman also spoke on behalf of Instagram and Whatsapp, that “Routine Maintenance Operation” accidentally created a bug, which made it difficult for users to upload or send photos and videos, the US media said.

Facebookdown and #instagramdown on Twitter were trending because users from all over the world said that these apps were not working.

According to the downdoctor, thousands of users worldwide were reporting outage, making Europe and North America the most affected. Both individual users as well as businesses and organizations were affected.

The CIA tweeted during the outage, “Yes, we are also influenced by #instagramdown.”

“No, we did not make the reason.” No, we can not cure you. Did you try to turn it back on and back? “

At the beginning of this year, an outrage that lasted for 24 hours, which hit Facebook services was blamed on “server configuration change”.

The outage of March 13 was considered to be the worst for Internet giants, with an estimated 2.7 billion people reaching out with their social network, Instagram and messaging app.

On Wednesday’s outage, the company did not immediately respond to the AFP query.

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