6 Best Baby Soaps in India for Gentle Cleansing

A child’s skin is more likely to be delicate and dry than an adult. Thus, you need to choose soap and other bath essentials for your baby with utmost care. The best baby soaps and bath essentials are properly tested before being certified suitable for baby skin. Toxin free organic products are quite popular among parents because they are safe. They protect the skin from exposure to unknown chemicals and the side effects of prolonged use. With our catalog, choose from a full range of carefully selected soaps for your baby’s soft and supple skin.

1. Johnson’s Baby Soap

No Sulfates, No Parabens, No Dyes
Rich in Vitamin E, a handy bar to bathe your newborn
Johnson’s Baby Soap has a rich, creamy lather that gently cleanses and helps keep your baby’s skin soft and supple.

2. Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap

Ideal for use during winter
Key Ingredients: Almond oil is a well-known skin softener that moisturizes baby’s skin.
Milk is known to nourish, soften and moisturize baby’s skin.
Indian Aloe has skin-conditioning, emollient and soothing properties, and helps to keep the skin healthy

3. Chicco Baby Moments Soap

Chicco Baby Moments Soap nourishes baby’s bath with its hydrating and moisturizing formula, leaving baby’s skin soft all day long. bath full of love and care
Enriched with natural ingredients like glycerin, which deeply moisturizes baby’s skin. Aloe Vera, a natural protective barrier protects baby’s skin from environmental damage and soothes to eliminate the possibility of irritation and rashes

4. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Soap

Baby Dove Baby Bar Rich Moisture Contains Hypoallergenic Formula
Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist and Pediatrician tested
Gentle and more nutritious than any baby soap bar
Our pH-neutral formula with moisturizing cream leaves baby’s skin soft

5. Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

6. Mamaearth Chemical-free Baby Soap

Retains Moisture: Enriched with natural oils, the soap nourishes and moisturizes the skin after every bath. It balances the pH of the skin and prevents dryness.
Antibacterial properties: Rich in antibacterial properties, the bath bar protects your baby by killing bacteria and preventing the chances of skin infection or irritation.
Made from Natural Ingredients: Made using natural ingredients, the bath bar is free from sulfates, parabens, SLS, petroleum, artificial preservatives and dyes.

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