15 Best Perfumes For Men Under 1000 In India (For 2021)

1. Biotique Blissfull Lavender Eau De Toilettey

This perfume comes with lavender scent. It is a great option for both men and women. It keeps you smelling all day long. Hence it is a great option for everyday use.


2. The Man Company Perfume

If you are standing in the crowd wearing the perfume of Main Company, then you will feel a refreshing and wonderful feeling. This perfume comes with the properties of Lemon, Lavender, Juniper, Birch Leaves. This is a light weight formula that you can use daily. Being a non-gas formula, it lasts the whole day. Its long lasting fragrance keeps you fresh and active throughout the day. It is available at best prices. You can get the best deals and offers by visiting Peoplewala.

THE MAN COMPANY Blanc & Noir Combo Long Lasting Deodorant Spray - Pack of 2 Perfume  -  240 ml

3. Beardo Dark Side Perfume

Now Beard Dark Side Perfume will get you rid of unwanted smell. You can comfortably use this pleasant fragrance at any time. It lasts for a long time. This is a great option for men who want a strong smell. You can buy this perfume from Peoplewala at a special price.

BEARDO Dark Side Perfume For Men, 100 ml | EAU DE PARFUM | Premium Long Lasting Fragrance | Fresh & Woody Eau de Parfum  -  100 ml

4. Super Smelly Hurriccane- Zero Toxic Perfume for Men

Paheli Bar Super Smellly Pocket Perfume in India is for men which is made from natural ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera etc. This substance also protects you from bacteria. And also keeps you smelling good for the whole day.

ST-JOHN 0Deo ENVY & TOXIC 150 ml (Pack of 2) + Perfume 15ml

5. Titan Skinn Men’s Single Raw Eau De Parfume

Titan entered the market with its watches and then in 2013 brought in eyewear, jewelery and then perfume. This perfume is similar to what happens when it rains on a very hot summer day. From it comes a fresh, effortless, and solid fragrance for men who have always believed in quality. The aroma of bergamot and mandarin makes it very light. This is the best selling men’s perfume of all time.

SKINN by TITAN Raw - Single Pack Eau de Parfum  -  20 ml

6. AXE Singnature Gold Dark Vanilla and Oud Wood Perfume

AXE is a very popular name when it comes to perfumes. It comes with Dark Vanilla and Ode Wood fragrances which are long lasting. It is a great option for everyday use. There are many other properties in this which must be tried once.

AXE Signature Gold Dark Vanilla & Oud Wood Eau de Toilette  -  80 ml

7. Park Avenue Eau De Parfum Harmony

Harmony comes with aromas of bergamot, pepper and tangerine which will awaken all your senses. It is very deep due to being made of natural ingredients Lavender, Pechola, Tonka, Bins, Musk, Embraer. It is a perfect choice to use either during the day or in the evening.

PARK AVENUE Harmony Eau de Parfum  -  50 ml

8. Ustraa Eau de Parfum- Ammunition

You can use this perfume on any occasion. Its top has the properties of plum, violet and sage. The properties of sandalwood, oak make it even more aromatic. If you want to be full of energy for the whole day, then its aroma fills you with energy like ammunition.

Syspro Cobra Apparel Perfume (100ml) With (8 ml) for Men, Woman & Unisex With Long Lasting Fragrance Perfume (100 ml + 8 ml) Eau de Parfum  -  100 ml

9. Envy Luxure oud Perfume

This perfume has a rich and invigorating scent. The properties of saffron have made its fragrance even more attractive. It is infused with the aroma of base notes of geranium, cardamom, and peach. Woody, animal riots make it an alluring masculine scent.

ENVY Women Eau de Parfum  -  60 ml

10. Ulric de Varens for Men Eua De Toilette

This perfume is specially designed for men. The properties of artemisia, rosemary and mint make it even more powerful. This lovely fragrance calms your senses. And draws everyone’s attention towards you.

ULRIC DE VARENS Black Eau de Toilette  -  100 ml

11. Denver Hamilton Pride Perfume For Men

Denver Harmilton Pride Perfume is a vibrant and energizing perfume that will make you the life of any party. The aroma of bergamot and verbena adds more charm to your personality. and forces everyone in the party to admire you.

DENVER Hamilton, Caliber and Pride Combo Deodorant Spray  -  For Men

12. W.O.W Perfumes Black Jack Perfume

W.O.W is a cosmetic brand that was launched in Israel in 2005. Then slowly it became famous all over the world. The smell of Patchouli makes it even more powerful. Sandal wood and Kadar wood make its scent strong and long lasting. You can use this perfume on any romantic evening or in any party to attract the attention of people towards you.

AROCHEM Titanium & Black Jack & H2O Combo Pack Dynamic Deodorant Spray Deodorant Spray  -  For Men & Women

13. Fogg Men Scent Xpressio Eau De Parfum

Fogg was launched in India in 2011. This perfume comes in an affordable range for both men and women. It is designed according to the concept of “Nine Gas and Only Perfume” which is customized according to the needs of the users. It imparts a strong and refreshing scent. It is the best perfume for men as it is gentle on the skin and provides antibacterial protection against body odor. Its brand and fragrance in the market have made it the favorite perfume of men.

FOGG Scent Xtermo 50ml Eau de Parfum  -  50 ml

14. Evaflor Whisky Homme Sport Eau De Toilette

Evaflor Whiskey is a great perfume for men for both morning and evening. With the properties of bergamot and lavender, it keeps you fresh throughout the day. The mesmerizing and warm aromas add to your charm.

WHISKY SPORT (PACK OF 1) Deodorant Spray  -  For Men

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